Me and my Plus 1.

I belong to Adventure Some Women’s Meet-up Group.  We’re based out of York, PA.  Meet-ups are a give and take of anticipation.  You anticipate the amount of people that have RSVP’d and then you anticipate the amount of people that will actually show up.  I believe most people have the best intentions of appearing, especially if it benefits them health-wise.  I don’t know why some don’t show up, whether life gets in the way or their own failed reasonings do.

This was what I was pondering as I sat in my truck on a morning where rain was a foreboding menace; wondering how many of the three women whom had RSVP’d would actually appear.  A red Ford truck pulled up driven by a pleasant, young looking woman. We introduced ourselves and chatted as we waited to see if anyone else would show. Due to the rain in the forecast, I had to change the hiking logistics.  The pre-planned 10-mile difficult hike was now a 4-mile moderate hike and we had to drive to the new trail head.

The drive there had me wondering if we would have anything in common to talk about. Being in a situation where I would have to carry on a two-way conversation put a little bit of pressure on me.  I’m the type of person that feels the responsibility of making sure all parties have a good time when I’m the event host.  Some people would guffaw at my silly sense of duty, I’m sure.  However, I’m just ‘that girl’ that has that kind of anxiety and I’m glad that I’m not an event planner for a living.  The stress would age me 10+ years!


A mile into the hike and I was having a really good time!!!  The conversations we were having were so worldly and mature that I just couldn’t understand what I was worried about previously.  An added bonus was that the rain stayed away.

What’s the point of this post and what did I ultimately take away from this experience? The point is that it’s all about quality and not quantity.  Even though only one person showed up, it didn’t take away from the fact that we were out there, we were hiking and adventuring the morning away.  I discovered topics I had no clue about, I enlightened my hiking partner about things she didn’t know about.  Those are the best types of adventures; when you can learn things and take away a better knowledge of the world around you.

Ultimately, I gained a new friend.


Have you ever hosted an event where only one person showed up?  How did that make you feel?  What was the outcome of the day?  Reach out…I’d like to know.



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