Iceland and Waterfalls – My Icelandia Journeys Pt. II

Life is so busy!!!  I wanted to get this continuation of my Iceland adventure within a week of writing the first installment, but LIFE!!!  However, the only person I have to blame is myself.  My own body was telling me to slow down as it tickled my throat with a warning the other week.  Did I take heed? Of course not!  I proceeded to go on a solo camping weekend in the rain and cold and was promptly thanked with a bout of pharyngitis upon my return.  Thanks, LIFE.  However not all is lost as I strain to achieve my goal of getting comfortable, subletting max comfort to my dog who only sees me as an organic pillow of softness, and hope to feel better soon.  This hiatus from ‘regular’ LIFE has afforded me the down-time to continue on with my Iceland journey to share with you.



Day two of our excursion found me being a liar.  The day before, which was our day of arrival, we had started on the road at 630am and checked in to our AirBnB at 1030pm.  I told the others that we could sleep in the next day since it was mostly driving and we were only going to hit a few spots. Unlike our initiation day where we played ‘tourist’ to the hilt by hitting as many spots as we could squeeze in!  Well, in hindsight, maybe I wasn’t a liar…maybe I was just unclear as to my intentions. I don’t recall suggesting a sleep in time.  7am is considered sleeping in, right?

Our first stop out of Keflavik was Seljalandsfoss.  This beautiful waterfall is easily accessible from the main road.  You can also walk behind it and have the roaring of the raging water ring in your ears so loud that to have a conversation would render you hoarse.  Also, definitely be prepared to get very wet!  The spray from the waterfall wasn’t a mist, but more like a whoosh of moisture that soaked your clothes and plastered them to your skin.  I imagine this would have been refreshing on a summer’s day, but we were there in April and the temps even made for some ice climbing as we traversed our way around and behind the falls.  When visiting here, take the time out to travel the path and discover other waterfalls in the vicinity as well as small caves and the opportunity to do some rock climbing.  However, proceed at your own risk.  You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’ that had to get an ambulance called in.  Imagine how much that bill would be if you didn’t have travel insurance!


After warming up with some Swiss mochas at the kiosk, we proceeded on to Skogafoss. This towering fall of water was surrounded by a quaint background of greenery, farmland, and sheep grazing lazily.  To the right of these falls, were some steps that would have made your buns of steel have buns of steel!  Of course, we had to see what the view from the top looked like and off we went.  Not only were we rewarded with a gorgeous 360-degree view, but we discovered there was a trail that lead further into the horizon and quite possibly, glaciers and snow caps?  My first notion was that we explore the trail and not hit the horizon as we still had some driving to do to reach Vik.


Well, after we got lost in all the scenery and all the picture taking and all the wonderment, we reached the horizon.  From this point, we could see some snow caps and if we had time and been more prepared, I think we would have pushed our adventure further.  Since we couldn’t afford the detour this time, we drove on to Vik and the surrounding black sand beaches.

On our way to Vik and Reynisfjara beach, we noticed some parked cars and a long line of people headed out to the ocean. They almost reminded me of lemmings headed to their demise, it was such a desolate looking walk.  It wasn’t until we were headed back to Keflavik later that evening, that I realized this was the site of the Navy DC-3 plane wreckage.  So, keep that in mind when you’re on Highway 1 between Skogafoss and Vik.

We went into Vik with hungry bellies and found an amazing restaurant called Suder-Vik. This is where I gorged myself on creamy asparagus soup and ate a full-on cheese pizza without any regret.  Vik is a small fishing village with not much to see, but it’s a great stopping point if you find yourself on Highway 1 on the south coast of Iceland.

The rest of our adventure consisted of hanging out in Reykjavik and Keflavik for our last day and a half where: we experienced all four seasons within 24 hours, grabbed the City Card for a great deal on museums and local color, I paid $40 for two whiskey sours and a bowl of popcorn during Happy Hour, had ‘some words’ with an Irishman, and highly debated crashing a party at the Kaufman Center. 

However, I didn’t want to be ‘that girl’…


Thanks for the memories, Iceland!  I’ll be sure to return and stay a bit longer my next time around.  Possibly opt for a camper van excursion so that I may lay my head where I park my four wheels.  You are truly a land of adventure!


Much love and Aloha,

your will be returning to Iceland clueless wanderer

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